Project Pengyou Fellows Leadership Program Hosted at Harvard University

March 24, 2014

From March 20-23, The Golden Bridges Foundation held its first Project Pengyou Fellows Leadership Program at Harvard University. 40 participants were selected from an applicant pool of approximately 300 students to take part in a 4 day exploration of community organizing, service and cross-cultural leadership. The fellows were coached by alumni of Marshall Ganz’s organizing and public narrative courses at Harvard; in four short days they were given a crash course on community building and organizing, almost 10-weeks worth of coursework.

The ultimate success of the Leadership Summit has inspired the Project Pengyou team to host similar programs in the future. By giving young Americans with experience in China the tools to lead and serve their communities, this program has the potential to both enhance the network of Pengyous and, in turn, constructive US-China exchange.



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