The Golden Bridges Foundation began in 2007 by serving other nonprofits in China as an international connector and program accelerator. Our programs seek to facilitate high impact exchanges in China's nonprofit sector that create new knowledge, strengthen networks, and foster a new generation of globally competent and socially engaged youth.

  • Project Pengyou

    Project Pengyou

    Building a global online community of people with firsthand China experience

    In 2011, the US State Department was seeking a nonprofit partner to build a social network for the alumni of the 100,000 Strong Initiative, a national campaign designed to increase the number & diversity of American students who come to China.

    Initially launched in December of 2011, Project Pengyou connects over 100 American Study Abroad Groups in China, and is building a global community of people with firsthand China experiences. For more information, check out the site itself at

  • The “Five Buckets” Model

    The “Five Buckets” Model

    Mapping China’s nonprofit sector

    The history and context of China’s nonprofit sector is unlike that of any other country. Due to its complexities and nuanced state-society dynamics, there is great need for practitioners and funders to have a simplified framework that maps the scope, players and landscape of the nonprofit sector. After serving as a bridge-builder for over 100 diverse nonprofits in China, Golden Bridges developed the “Five Buckets” model to help map out the major elements and players in China’s nonprofit sector, while providing a new and insightful framework to analyze philanthropic giving data. To receive a presentation or learn more about this, please contact us.

  • Philanthropy for Health in China (China Medical Board)

    Philanthropy for Health in China (China Medical Board)

    An academic exploration by leading experts in the field

    In 2012, Golden Brides was invited by Peter Geithner to assist in the overall facilitation and project management of the Philanthropy for Health in China Initiative.

    The Philanthropy for Health in China Initiative is an original academic exploration of the history and future of philanthropy for health in China. In anticipation of the China Medical Board’s (CMB’s) 100th year anniversary in 2014, CMB commissioned leading experts in the field to produce conceptual and empirical academic papers on the study of Health Philanthropy in China.

    Golden Bridges organized author workshops at Beijing Normal University and at Harvard University, inviting leading academics and practitioners to attend and submit original academic papers.

  • China Nonprofit Weibo Digest

    China Nonprofit Weibo Digest

    Capturing and translating frontline voices and monthly nonprofit news

    and monthly nonprofit news The China Nonprofit Weibo Digest is a monthly compilation of micro-blog (twitter-style) reports by Chinese nonprofit practitioners and media. Each month, we sift through thousands of weibo posts and translate approximately 50 posts into English. The aim is to give readers a snapshot of current voices and developments at the frontlines of China’s dynamic nonprofit and philanthropic sector.

  • China Nonprofit Weibo Digest

    The China Foundation Center

    Catalyzing philanthropic transparency in China

    In July of 2010, Golden Bridges was in charge of all international strategy and partnerships leading up to the launch of the China Foundation Center. The China Foundation Center is now an independent and thriving nonprofit organization in Beijing, and is the most authoritative organization in the country collecting and analyzing financial data on philanthropic foundations registered in China.

  • China Nonprofit Weibo Digest

    The Great Green Initiative

    Mobilizing 300 grassroots climate events across China in a single day

    On October 10th 2010(10-10-10), Golden Bridges worked with a number of youth environmental organizations (including and the China Youth Climate Action Network) to host 300 simultaneous events across China, engaging around 30,000 young people across China to raise environmental awareness. Golden Bridges also led a youth delegation to the United Nations climate conference in Cancun, Mexico to organize a US-China Youth Forum. In addition, we facilitated the Great Power Race in China, a competition between 200 universities from China, the US and India to lower their energy usage.

  • China Nonprofit Weibo Digest

    China Youth Climate Delegation to Copenhagen UN COP15

    Leading the first Chinese youth delegation to a United Nations Climate Conference

    In December of 2009, Golden Bridges, in collaboration with the China Youth Climate Action Network, led a group of 50 Chinese high school and college students to attend the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen. There, we conducted the first US-China Climate Youth Workshop and US-China youth press conference at a UN conference. This program was named by Chinese major media as one of the “Top 10 Civil Society Actions” of 2009, and was reported by every major international and Chinese media outlet, including CNN, BBC, Xinhua, Sohu, and Tencent. The delegation later produced a 150 page book of reflections.

  • China Nonprofit Weibo Digest


    Supporting Shuren School to care for 126 worst-hit survivors of the earthquake

    In May 2008, immediately after the Sichuan Earthquake the Shuren School in Tongzhou District in Beijing was charged by the China Children and Teenagers Fund to care for 126 worst-hit Qiang minority survivors of the earthquake. 10% of the entire Qiang minority population perished in the earthquake and many of these children were left orphaned. Within a month, the school had to double its staff to care for these children. Golden Bridges worked with the school for a year, serving as an advisor and connector of resources. All children have since returned to their home province of Sichuan after schools and communities were rebuilt and ready for their return.

  • China Nonprofit Weibo Digest

    The Dandelion Project

    A giving circle of women supporting grassroots nonprofits that serve children and women in need

    Since 2008, Golden Bridges has been a core supporter for the Dandelion Project, a women’s giving circle that supports grassroots nonprofits serving children and women in need. The Dandelion Project was co-founded by Ye Xiaowei and Sarah Randt (wife of former US Ambassador to China). Each year, the Dandelion Project holds fundraising events to support select programs, including the Dandelion School for Migrant Children and the Lhasa Maternal Child Health Program.

  • China Nonprofit Weibo Digest

    China Youth Climate Action Network

    Building capacity for a nationwide grassroots youth network

    With support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Golden Bridges provides strategic advice to the institutional capacity and sustainability of the China Youth Climate Action Network.

    COP15 China Youth Delegation Report.pdf (10.0MB)