Our mission is to build bridges to China that empower individuals and organizations to serve, inspire and transform lives


  • Game-changing Ideas - We know that there is a hunger and desire to participate meaningfully in nonprofit efforts in China. However, actionable knowledge tends to be scarce, despite a lot of good intentions. We focus as a cross-cultural bridge on generating the kinds of exchanges, ideas, and frameworks that will strengthen the impact of philanthropic endeavors in China. Worthy intentions are simply not enough. But the right understanding and context can change everything.

  • Community Networks and Engagement – We believe in building online and offline bridges to strengthen community networks. Strong communities have the power to greatly enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations to serve a greater good.

  • Youth Study Abroad, Leadership and Education – We support initiatives that cultivate international student exchange programs and engage an inter-program network of study abroad advocates throughout the U.S. school system to help promote study abroad. As a young and youthful organization, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to help cultivate a more globally competent next generation that can act and help to shape a more civil, sustainable and peaceful future for China and the world.