Meet Holly

Holly Chang is the Founder & President of The Golden Bridges Foundation. She is a Chinese-American social entrepreneur with demonstrated corporate and nonprofit success in China and the U.S.A. Born in Malaysia to Chinese parents, her family immigrated to Texas when she was four years old. Inspired by her own experiences of cultural conflict growing up, Holly left a rapid-climbing corporate career and invested her life savings to start the Golden Bridges Foundation in 2007 based on a vision of promoting "Diverse Cultures, Shared Humanity".

While at Golden Bridges, Holly has served hundreds of nonprofit programs in China as an international bridge, and she has also held a number of important roles in other nonprofit organizations, including Vice President of International Relations at the China Foundation Center, and Executive Director of the Committee of 100, an influential Chinese American leadership organization. Holly holds a BS Civil Engineering and BS Psychology from University of Kentucky & MBA with thesis on the China market from Bellarmine University.