Asia21 Young Leaders: From Passion to Action

December 18, 2013

On Dec. 6th and 7th, Holly Chang, President of The Golden Bridges Foundation, participated as a delegate at the Asia Society’s 8th Annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit.  Approximately 100 delegates converged from around the Asia Pacific to meet and discuss the pressing demands of leadership from some of the toughest challenges in the region.  It was truly an inspiring weekend, and we were honored to participate and meet so many amazing active changemakers in Asia.

Some background about the Initiative:  In 2006, the Asia Society launched the Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative to address new global challenges by developing a critical mass of dynamic individuals who will impact global affairs over the coming decades.  As Asia undergoes rapid changes, its younger generations will shoulder greater responsibility in shaping Asia’s future.  Endowed with high levels of education, a wealth of ideas, and a new sense of confidence, they are already well equipped with the skills necessary for such leadership roles.  Through the Asia 21 Young Leader Forum and the Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit, the Young Leaders Initiative brings together these exceptional leaders of tomorrow who share a commitment to making the world a better place, offering them a unique opportunity to harness that commitment collectively.

We are looking forward to what the future holds for fellows of this amazing network.

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