APSA Discussion Panel about US-China Opportunities

August 2, 2017

On August 1st, Americans Promoting Study Abroad (APSA) hosted a panel discussion themed “Emerging US-China opportunities for aspiring young professionals”. Project Pengyou Interns were invited to attend the event, contribute to the conversation, and share the takeaways.

At the Beijing American Center (BAC) in the U.S. Embassy, four professionals currently working in China shared their insights with global-minded youth who were in China for APSA’s China Scholars Program – Richard Coward, CEO of China Admissions, Aaron Berkovich, Founder of Peking Productions, Samantha Kwok, Founder of JingJobs, and Alexandra Pomeroy, Consular Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

They key takeaways emphasized by the speakers were, to build strong relations, to discover meaningful interests, and to resist the temptation to over generalize China.

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